The commission of Christ is for all of us. We are inviting you to join our team of writers and spread the gospel of Christ. To start off, fill the form below and we will contact you via Facebook using our official page Bible Study so ensure you are a fan.

Please not that your application does not guarantee you will be accepted. Our top conditions are,

  • You must be a practicing Christian who understands the times we are living in and what is unfolding. For this, you must believe in the Bible as the sole written word of God to us. You must believe in the Ten Commandments of God and be keeping the Sabbath day which is Saturday Holy. You must be aware of the deceptions in the Adventist Church like The Trinity and have a firm standing by the word of God in your beliefs and convictions.
  • This website and our social media platforms are mainly in English. You must have a more than average understanding of both written and spoken English.